Without people, we don’t have a business. Our experienced team provide services to a wide range of people including farmers, livestock agents, and meat processing companies. If you need your livestock transported, we’re the guys for you.

Our dedicated drivers go above and beyond

Our “Team @ Pinfolds” are extremely experienced at their jobs and take the upmost care when getting the job done. It is our mission to get your stock delivered safely and with as little stress as possible. Our team take pride in their job and their trucks.

Here at Pinfolds we take great pride in our staff. Our drivers are the forefront of our business. When you get Pinfolds to transport your livestock, the dispatch team Steve and Brent might be the one you talk to when organising your livestock cartage but at the farm gate you’ll be dealing directly with our experienced drivers. So give us a call and get to know our dedicated team today.


Our drivers have a long history of being loyal to Pinfolds. We’re aware of the strain long hours can put on our drivers and their families. When things get busy we work alongside other carriers so that our drivers aren’t working day and night.

We know that family comes first. That’s why many of Pinfolds’ drivers have stuck with us over the years.


Our longest serving driver, Caddy, started with us back in 1976. He’s seen many changes within Pinfolds and the industry.

Caddy now drives our smaller feeder truck, picking up livestock from smaller blocks were bigger trucks won’t fit.

Caddy also looks after our local Clareville sale on Friday’s.


Mike is our second longest serving driver. He started with us back in 1988 and currently drives our Scania.

Mike knows the industry like the back of his hand and has stuck with us through thick and thin.


Our mechanic, Toddy, has clocked up a few years with us since 1988. Toddy can fix almost anything. Even though most of our trucks are on a maintenance plan with Truck Stops and CablePrice, he’s stuck around on a part-time basis.

He also looks after our yards and paddocks along with feeding out to any stock being held in paddocks as well as maintaining our truck wash and making sure everything runs smoothly.

pinfold team members

Brent and Steve - Our Dispatch Boys

Pinfold driver

Caddy with his truck – “Little Flick”

Pinfold driver

Mike, there’s not many people Mike doesn’t know

Toddy taking a break on his favourite chair