There are loads of things to be passionate about at Pinfolds. Our trucks, our community, our work, and our families. Get to know us a bit better and take a look at some of the things that matter to us the most.

Stock waiting to be taken to the Golden Shears Competition

Pinfolds have a long history with the Golden Shears and have been carting the sheep in and out of the competition for well over 40 years now. Our boys have it down to a fine art getting the stock delivered in time and with as little stress as possible for the shearers and then carting them back once they have been through the competition. It is important that the stock that is shorn is cleared from the yards before the next truck arrives with the next lot of sheep to be shorn. Rain is the biggest problem but we have custom made covers for this.

Sheep waiting to be loaded
Boys loading at the Fielding Saleyards

Our boys Greg and Scott helping each other load up a load home from the Friday Fielding Sale.

Live stock
Heading over the Rimutukas

Being a driver in New Zealand has its perks. We take great pride in our country. That’s why we take great lengths to reduce our environmental impact on this beautiful nation.

New zealand mountain side


Straight out of rob walkers paint shop. Pinfolds are extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship that Robs boys put into our fleet.

Our first scania

We’re always excited to add new toys to our collection. This big fella was our very first Scania.

Pinfolds first truck
Our smallest Feeder Truck (Little Flick)

This little beauty is driven by Caddy, Pinfolds’ longest serving driver. He’s been with us since 1978.

Pinfolds smallest truck
One of caddy’s earlier trucks

Over the years there has been different variations of the fleet images, this on shows a time when we had the red in the front bumper and white stripes through the body including a wide white stripe in the front.

Fielding Saleyards

Need livestock picked up? We’re well experienced when it comes to servicing the Fielding and Masterton stock sales.

Sheep being loaded onto Pinfold truck
Clay pipes loaded and unloaded by hand

In the good old days things were very physical. Clay pipes were loaded and unloaded by hand and then reloaded into rail carriages. A good six hour job.

Pinfold truck loading clay pipes
The majority of our fleet (Photo by Terry)

We take great pride in handpicking top-quality vehicles for our fleet. We’ve recently introduced a mix of Volvo, Scania, and Hino. After being solely an Isuzu fleet for more than 15 years. We are extremely happy with the service we are now getting.

Pinfold truck fleet
Loading Ewes

With trucks capable of carrying up to 4 decks of sheep at a time, we’re fully equipped when it comes to your livestock transportation needs.

Pinfold loading live stock
Loading from the old Pinfolds Beef Farm up Chester Road

All our drivers are experienced livestock handlers. So if you need your cattle moved, you can trust the experts.

Pinfold at local farm
Driving past the old gladstone church

We can’t think of a better community to be a part of. Driving through countryside like Gladstone is just one of the many perks of the job.

Pinfold truck at church

Our boys take great pride in their trucks and like them kept in pristine condition. They know exactly how their trucks should be running and let us know as soon as something needs attention.

Pinfold staff
Christmas parade 2014

Everyone gets to be a part of the annual Carterton Christmas Parade - even our dogs! They’ve been a hit with the kids year after year.

Pinfold trucks at the christmas fair
Snow in carterton

Not a sight you see every day! Snow is rare in Carterton but we were lucky enough to spot some while driving past our offices in Clareville.

pinfold truck in the snow

Traveling on our gravel highways

A lot of our daily journeys take us out onto our gravel back roads. Extra care needs to be taken on these roads and our drivers are very experienced to handle these road conditions which are often narrow.

we can’t forget our loyal unpaid workers

These guys save a lot of work especially when you get stock that won’t run

our ever changing office view

With our beautiful country our boys get some of the best office views there are.

Rob Walker our paint shop specialist

Rob and his team take great pride in the work they carry on our fleet making sure that our trucks image is top notch.

It’s not all work and no play

The boys racing around Manfeild Race track at an annual Truck show giving kids rides around the track.

how things have changed

An old Merc, with wooden crates. Two deck sheep with a couple of pens above the cab.

Steve’s old long nose Mac

This old girl was one noisy truck, no power steering. Here she is ready to cart fertilizer. But mostly this girl carted stock. Last seen as a house truck.

Steve’s old Mac now a house truck
The beer boys

Back in the day pinfolds delivered beer for Tui (DB) Breweries from lake ferry to the Hawkes Bay. 

Boys in their uniforms

Our boys looking professional and as sharp as their trucks in their new Pinfolds uniforms.